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Why CCL?
Added on 2nd Nov, 2009

We - the cricket experts:

Cricket flows like blood in every Indian's nerves. We are all cricket experts, irrespective of the age. We all know what Dhoni did wrong in which match and what he should have done to win the match he lost. We all even think that we know it better than the playing eleven, and this is how things have been in India.

This is what cricket means to us, this is the passion we behold in our hearts and this is one game that brings the nation together. The best topic anytime anywhere is cricket, the coolest ice-breaker and the best time pass, better than even pop-corn.

The perfect match"

This tournament has been organized keeping all these factors in mind, the binding force and the coming together of hearts. The main motive behind it is providing a common platform for all the corporate people to come face to face, as team players, as opponents, fighting for the same cause, crushing each others efforts to make it to the top, but having a time of their life doing this all.

It is to ensure that the mundane lives have something to cheer for, something to make a positive impact in not only the personal life, but the professional life as well. It is to re-kindle the sportsman spirit and give the rusted bodies a wake up call, to make one feel young again and to give that repressed cricket expert another chance to boast about the knowledge of the game.

Sandeep Mundra, CEO, IndiaNic and Mr. Ram Chhawchharia, CEO, HiddenBrains have been greatly involved in the entire process guiding and encouraging all of us this whole time. It's been a great journey with top level officials and the rest of the employees working together as confreres.

With the commencement of this event, we hope to create a different level of understanding and relations amongst all the teams that are taking part. We hope to reach that point where we are more than just business delegates to each other, that place where there is a 'flick' of closeness, a 'glance' of smiles, a 'straight drive' through the business dealings, no 'caught behinds', no 'bowled over' relations, just winners.

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