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That's Out of the Stadium (behind the scene)
Added on 2nd Nov, 2009

The doors are shut, curtains closed, and the lights off and there is no music playing. So what's cooking? Is there anything fishy? Let's go backstage, behind the scene and find out what the hubbub is all about.

Let's see why all these people are running around like maniacs. Some even have bats in their hands, is there a battle on the verge? Well, there is in fact a battle on the verge, but this is the battle of the corporate titans with not just bats, but with bat and ball.

The backstage is all set for the start of the one of its kind event, Corporate Cricket League. Why I call it one of its kinds is because it's a home production of the host company wherein all the in-house workers have done the entire set of management, co-ordination, production, direction and participation. Apart from the ground professionals, there has been no other professional help involved.

This has been a process of exploration for us right from the start. All the people were new to hosting this kind of an event; all had their own apprehensions and doubts. But there was a spark to make it happen, and we all set together to work our bottoms off to make sure we did it.

We took out time from our paranormal, jam bottled office schedule to organize something that seemed like a daunting task at the start. But, and this is a positive but, as things unfolded, as we tumbled, stumbled, and as we stood up again, we started seeing things happening and falling into place.

We have nurtured and kindled it with love and hard work and tomorrow the baby is stepping into this world. We have crossed our fingers that the baby is hail and hearty and it makes our family proud.

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