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Served cold on the platter:
Added on 5th Nov, 2009

Well, not all good things are hot; some things are better served cold. I am not talking about ice-cream people. You wouldn’t want to go some place which is boiling your sweat out, reducing you looking like a flat water balloon. Wouldn’t it be nice sitting in an ambience where you feel just enough cold to fold your hands, cuddle up to your self and feel little warm?

    Last night when I went to Parth Party Plot to watch the opening ceremony and the first league match of CCL and I felt something exactly like that. Out side the hustle bustle of the main city, encircled by trees and undisturbed by the roaring traffic was this place that entranced me the moment I stepped into it.

    The location itself is enough to give it the right feel and atmosphere to have a quiet evening with just enough people around where you can feel comfortable, cozy and relaxed and watch the match proceed.

    A green lush ground with a shinning cement pitch right in the center of the ground, under the flood lights was a spectacle that uncovered itself in front of my eyes. Smoke hung in the air; as if in no hurry to go anywhere, you could walk pass it, feeling a little chill in the air.

You could also see a small fire at the other end of the ground, wasn’t a camp fire, better still, it was a small stall where two people were frying ‘garma garam bhajiyaaz.’ Slrrrrrpp…. With a cup of chai and bahjiya, it was just the thing one could ask for at the end of a hectic day.

The drummers were the only ones to break the serene of the evening, occasionally breaking into a roar as and when a boundary was hit, actually there was a lot of hitting, so there was a lot of drumming. But anything soothing to the ears is not noise, so I stand firm on it being a quiet evening.

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