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Why aren't there more cricket matches in Ahmedabad
Added on 2nd Nov, 2009

The ongoing Hero Honda cup between India and Australia saw the two teams coming to Vadodara and having a clash at the Reliance Stadium.

Although, India lost the match, it was a treat for Barodians. The fiery battle between bowlers with the bowl and bowlers with the bat was an intriguing one. Praveen kumar and Harbhajan Singh did provide some consolation excitement for the spectators; it was a crunchy win by Australia.

I remember one of the instances when India played in Vadodara against the West Indies, it was back in 2003. that time West Indies was going through a very bad time when none of their players were in good form, but still, surprisingly, India lost that match, I was unluckily there as a witness.

The point I am suggesting here is, is Vadodara unlucky for the Indian team? In the last decade we have lost almost all the games played there, then why don't we have more matches in Ahmedabad. May be this is a luckier place for the home team. There will be no harm in trying and of course Amdavadis will also have something to cheer for, something to get excited for.

Well, let the Indian team be if they don't want to come here, lets have our own matches and tournaments. So let's all go and watch the upcoming CCL, starting from 3rd November. It's going to be a home event, for the home crowd and played by the home teams.

This is a much safer event, no one gets to lose here, and whoever wins is going to be a local favorite. It's like a family event which is meant for enjoyment and everyone goes home feeling happy and satisfied.

So lets make this family event a big success, lets be present at the venue cheering and supporting the members encouraging them to do better than they can.

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